It's from a low angle.

Rocky, tumultuous, cataclysmic, sexy.

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infinitedrukqs asked: So this is a shot in the dark.. I'm going to NJcon in September and Jensen's photo op tickets are sold out so I googled to see if there were any resale.. Do you still have that? I'll be your slave for like a month lmao

I actually have a J2 photo op I’m trying to sell for $200. I’m assuming you’d be interested? lol

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Rereading Twist and Shout. Bad idea? Or the worst idea?

I tried today… I started crying and I been thinking about it all the day

Yeah, I ended up only skimming it, since I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, and I still ended up sobbing like a small child. I don’t know why I did that to myself.

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New Jersey 2014 Supernatural Con Gold Tickets for Sale

Yep, I have 2 Gold Weekend passes for the Supernatural Convention in New Jersey for next year, and I have to give them up. I know it’s a long ways off, but there are barely any Gold seats left so I figured I’d put them up on here to see if anyone would like to buy them. They are for row D, seats 25 and 26, so they’re pretty decent, considering how many friggin Gold rows there are in NJ. I also have a Jared and Jensen photo op ticket for sale for the same con. I’m putting them up for the prices I paid for them, but I figure I’ll go with the best offer. If anyone is interested in them, message me!!! I do not want them to go to waste! Someone should get to be near these beautiful people since I can’t. *sobs grossly*

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People still follow me on here. Even though I’m not like strictly an spn blog. And I post original things 1% of the time. They are quality .5% of the time. I know, math is fun. Since I’m not on here much, and no one cared the first time, my personal crapola is here. Just in case. 

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